ADMIRALTY Developer Portal

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Welcome to our ADMIRALTY Developer Portal!

Our ADMIRALTY Developer Portal is here to help our partner companies discover our B2B APIs. It contains useful information to help support you whilst developing your B2B solutions. This includes:

  • A Getting Started Guide which provides basic information about our REST APIs and the process you go through to start using them

  • If you want more developer specific information about our REST APIs then you can browse our Technical Overview

  • Once you have signed up to our ADMIRALTY Developer Portal you will have access to our comprehensive REST API documentation which can be used to develop your APIs

  • If you experience any issues with our Admiralty Developer Portal or the API’s then this should be reported via Customer Services Portal

  • Once your ADMIRALTY B2B REST APIs are up and running, you can use the Analytics to monitor your usage

A link to the ADMIRALTY B2B Service End User Licence Agreement can also be found on the Product Support page of the ADMIRALTY Partners website.

Happy coding!